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What we do?

Honestly and generally speaking

We create virtual reality!

We give shapes to objects, buildings, places and spaces. We are able to present you something that is only an idea or a concept so it doesn’t exist yet, or we can transfer a real thing into the virtual world that is yet to be produced.



Virtual Reality

Do you want us to take your clients through to a virtual reality? To show them specially designed space, a luxurious housing estate, or an exceptional SPA? Or maybe you need a gadget for a trade show that will attract crowds of people to your stand, where they will be able to experience a unique adventure in a completely different world? Virtual reality is still considered mostly fun but in recent years it has also become a very effective sales tool.

Virtual reality glasses can be used by travel agencies to show their clients the beauty of the countries to which they sell trips to, but also by developers, salesman or job agencies, presenting office buildings of companies looking for highly qualified employees. Now you too can use the virtual reality for your own real goals!


Product Visualizations

We offer extremely realistic 3D product visualizations for architectural firms, advertising agencies, interactive agencies, developers, designers, producers and online stores, which are then successfully used in sales, marketing and advertising. Product visualization is a great tool for presenting both the range and technology of your company.

You can use it in catalogue to describe product’s dimensions, purpose or assembly, or to showcase everyday object or an interior design element. Placing everyday object in a beautiful, stylish interior additionally highlights its advantages and can significantly affect its sales. And that’s what everyone is talking about!

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Architectural Visualizations

We offer photorealistic visualizations to benefit residential and housing developments, as well as commercial and service facilities, office and public buildings, production halls or any other types of investments. We will create detailed interior designs, but also the facade and entire surroundings of the property, which will make it difficult to distinguish from real photos! Thanks to the three-dimensional designs elaborated in every smallest inch, we will light up the imagination of future investors and buyers, we will help in making difficult decorative decisions, and show you how to manageyour space.


Virtual Walk

We will prepare a virtual walk that you will be able to use on your company’s website. Users of the site will not have to install additional software or plugins to run it. The solution is extremely useful especially for clients planning large residential investments, constructing houses, apartment blocks or flats.

Thanks to this tool, potential buyers will be able to walk around their future location in real time and feel at home in it. It is also a great way to promote hotels, guest houses and resorts, to show beautiful rooms, restaurants, wedding halls, and wellness centers – and thus to attract customers who are bored with traditional photos that usually only show a small part of the object.


3D Printing

We deal with 3D printing, process in which three-dimensional elements are created under computer control and based on previously designed digital model. This is a fast and relatively cheap method of creating all kinds of prototypes, forms for castings, entire products or their components. Most importantly, the elements made by us through 3D printing – supported by virtual CAD documentation – can be fully functional both visually and technically.

It is also a great tool used in education, where 3D models are used to help students comprehend, for example in medicine, as well as automotive or aerospace.
3D printing is especially recommended in architectural and real estate, for example, for the initial sale of a given facility at a time when the project has not yet begun, or is at an early stage. The prototypes of buildings and mock-ups, certainly have a much better impact on the imagination of potential clients and investors.


www pages

Are you in need of a professional website? We will create it for you from scratch! From technical, graphic and marketing side, we will make it fit the type of business you are, and strengthen your brand on the Internet. We focus on making our projects modern, adapted to current trends and market requirements, responsive and functional on all kinds of devices, but above all user-friendly.

We will also propose an appropriate system for self-editing and changing the content or other elements of the web page, we will select the required technology and eye-catching effects. All this to achieve the best fit of the site to the needs and requirements of its potential customers and visitors. We deal with both business card-type websites and professional shops. Thanks to our experience, you can count on proven solutions. We also offer external integration


Interactive Graphics

To meet the needs of programming companies operating in VR and AR technologies, we create the highest quality graphics, refined in every smallest aesthetic detail, with the care for their optimization and efficiency. If you too have the need for such application and are looking for a contractor to aid your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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